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Mac's Fund


Mac’s Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the well being of community and shelter cats in and around the Philadelphia area.  We support local rescue organizations  through education and financial assistance. 


The Mac Fund offers financial assistance to organizations involved in TNR programs.  Mac’s Fund also supplies financial resources for emergency surgery for feral and community cats. 


We work closely with local animal rescue organizations to enhance the lives of these cats and  to help the community better understand these misunderstood neighbors. 


Purchase Tickets through Eventbrite​. Free parking at the Moshulu.


It’s been four years since the last one…but now it is back and better than ever!

Presenting Mewtiny on the Moshulu - Mew 3: Back to the Sea benefitting Mac’s Fund Thursday, June 8th from 6pm - 9pm on the deck of the Moshulu!


Yes, the cats have returned and have commandeered the Moshulu on Delaware Avenue which means an experience unlike any other!  First off, all money raised will go to Mac’s Fund which provides financial resources for any and all animal charities in the tri-state area that endeavor to help and care for homeless cats.


Your $40 dollar ticket will get you…and hold onto what easily reachable body part you want grab - 


Your food from: 

Algorithm Vegan Grill - multiple award winning and for good reason!

Nothing Bundt Cakes - yes, they ARE that freaking good!

Zsa’s Gourmet Ice Cream - you only think you’ve had ice cream!

Tuck-Ins - redefining Smores!

Insomnia Cookies - impossible to resist because they’re impossibly good!

Rosie’s Kettle Corn - Steve Morrison approved as the best popcorn on Earth!

Aladdin’s Beach Brew - their famous iced cold brew & frozen cappuccino is fa-reaking awesome!

Plus delicious food samplings from the award winning Moshulu itself!

——and more!


Your beer and spirits!

Yards Brewery


Chaddsford Winery 

Klyr Rum

Stateside Vodka



Your entertainment!

Doug Stafford - Circus Arts, Renaissance Fairs, Magic

Mike Paladino - Magician, Mindreader, Conjuror

The Strongman Todd Jones

Bizarre Bryn - Contortionist…and maybe alien? 

Regan Tilton - Tarot reader, Intuitive, Reiki, Astrology 

Jaclyn Baker  - Intuitive medium and Lightworker


Cozy up to kittens for you to cuddle as well as our sexy Pirates and Pirateers! (Hey!  You cuddle the kittens…not the Pirateers! :)) Bid on loads of prizes, gift baskets and premium experiences! Take the coolest 360 video selfie ever against the Philly skyline compliments of Philly Photo and Philm


Get this! Parking at the Moshulu is free for this event thanks to Joe Forkin!


Special thanks to our sponsor fo r the evening: RAFFERTY SUBARU

Purchase Tickets through Eventbrite​.

Punky's Pantry

Punky's Pantry will supply cat food donations to community cat caregivers caring for TNR colonies in and around the Philadelphia area.  Punky was our first Philly adoption and she embodied everything that is good about her city. Many know the story of how Punky insisted on being our cat, and I am so thankful that we finally listened to her.

She will be missed and loved forever.

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The luckiest day in the life of a community cat is the day that an advocate arrives to TNR the colony.  My friend and hero Cowboy Bob is one of the best who has been saving the Philly cats for many years.  Watch this video to learn what TNR is all about.

CLICK HERE to visit out TNRM page to see the full process.

Clare & Steve Morrison explain what Mac's Fund is all about:



Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage, or "TNRM,” is the most humane and effective method known for managing feral and stray cats.  The cats, who usually live together in a group called a colony, are trapped by dedicated animal rescuers, often at their own expense, and brought to a veterinary clinic. The cats are then given a general exam, spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies and ear tipped to identify them as altered.   After they've recovered from their surgeries, the cats are returned back to their original territory as long as the location is deemed safe.  Once the colony has been been completely spayed/neutered, the caretaker who provides regular food and shelter should continue to monitor for additional cats and continue to TNR the new cats.   When foster or permanent homes are available, young kittens and friendly adults are removed and placed for adoption.

TNR is not only good for the cats, but it is good for the neighborhood too!  Spaying and neutering also greatly reduce nuisance behavior. Once the cats have been altered,  fighting, yowling and other noise associated with mating is eliminated. The foul odor caused by unaltered males spraying to mark territory disappears. The cats themselves are healthier and less likely to spread feline diseases. Meanwhile, rodent control is maintained by the cats' continued presence.


Archimedes Printing Shoppe

Our good friends and passionate animal advocates Lucy Noland and Susan Russell have started a publishing company selling books to promote animal rescue, and we are so proud of them!!  Mac's Fund is displayed prominently in Inspire Me and Good Stuff sections.  The books make excellent gifts for children and adults alike!  Please check them out.

Want to do more to help the cats of Philadelphia? Contact Clare HERE for Volunteer Opportunities.

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