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As Mac's Fund grows, so does it's reputation in the animal rescue community as a lifeline for these groups whose funds are already stretched to the limit.  Many of the rescue groups who adopt out animals are also involved in the Trap Neuter Release Programs; all in an effort to eliminate the influx of kittens that swamp ACCT Philadephia, and other intake facilities, every year at this time. 

Well, it wasn't long before I received an email.  They had recently TNR'd a cat colony and had found that many of the cats were in need of emergency surgery.  These were friendly cats that could be adopted out to loving homes. Although we would have loved to help them all, we just didn't have the funding.  We picked out one that we could help.  His name was Anchovy, a 1-2 year-old unneutered male found in the Mantua neighborhood.


Anchovy was found by a volunteer named Sarah who noticed his eyes were infected and he was severely emaciated.  He was diagnosed with ulcers on his eye related to entropion, a condition where the eyelid folds in and scratches the surface of the eye. Anchovy was also diagnosed with a cracked front canine and trauma to his skull.  Despite his painful condition, Anchovy is an incredibly sweet cat who would sit patiently while his foster Mom cleaned and medicated his eyes several times a day.  Due to his emaciated status, Anchovy needed to put on weight before he could have his surgery.  Here is a picture of what he looked like when first trapped. 


Since Mac's Fund has stepped up to finance his surgery, we have learned that Anchovy has come through with flying colors!   He has been adopted out to a loving family who was looking for a companion for their cat.  Below is the video of the two of them together.  I dare you to watch it just once.  It is adorable!

I want to thank all of you for donating to Mac's Fund.  Because of you, we are saving these wonderful creatures who would otherwise spend their lives in pain, never knowing the gentle touch of a human hand or the comfort and safety of a warm bed.  

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