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We adopted Agatha almost 14 years ago. She was our first cat. Agatha is named after my favorite author, Agatha Christie. She loved to play with krinkle balls and cuddle with me while I re-read my Agatha Christie books. She loved to chase our Pomeranian, Gossamer, and spar with our cat Penelope. We lost Marvin last year and I like to think they are together somewhere looking out the window and watching the squirrels and the bunnies. Agatha will always have a place in our hearts.



Marvin - Donna and John Rosato

Donna and John Rosato made a very generous donation to Mac's Fund in honor of their sweet cat Marvin who they had to say goodbye to this week.  We are truly honored that they chose to pay tribute to Marvin by donating to Mac's Fund.  Here is what Donna told me about Marvin:


 We adopted our sweet Marvin and his “sister” Penelope 12 years ago as a sibling to our kitty Agatha. He was named after the manically depressed robot in my favorite book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Marvin was a funny little guy who loved playing with anything with feathers. His favorite thing was to sit on the back of the couch with the window open and watch the squirrels. Marvin’s best friend was our Pomeranian, Gossamer. Marvin will always have a place in our hearts.

Misty Jake

Misty Jake at New Year's



A great friend of Mac's Fund, Barb Devine, made a generous donation to Mac's Fund in honor of their family cat Misty Jake, affectionately called Mit or Mitner.  Barb relayed the following story about Mit: We got Misty when our daughter, Manda was 7 years old. She had picked out the name ahead of time before we knew he was a boy. The woman who fostered him called him Jake, so we called him Misty Jake, but Amanda always affectionately referred to him as Mit or Mitner . As you can see from the photo, he looked angry all the time but wasn’t. He was a good-natured, domestic, long hair who would allow us to dress him up.  His favorite activities were sitting on our laps and planning his escapes outside to explore the world.    He bravely battled cancer, but in the end, he crossed the rainbow bridge when he was 15 years old.  We all cried for days.  Although the mischievous Misty Jake is no longer with us, he will always be remembered. 

Meet Rafiki!


Our wonderful supporter Efrain Rivera, Jr made a donation to Mac's Fund in honor of his friend Ami and Nakhil's beloved kitty.  Ami says: "We referred to him as our lover boy because he loved snuggles and just being close.  He was 15 when he passed, so he definitely lived a great life and brought us joy and love." 

You can honor your kitty too!  Just click here  Be sure to include the name of the kitty you would like to honor, then email us a picture of your purrfect pussy cat with a description of why they were so special.  

Looking for that purrfect gift for the animal lover in your life?  Click here to make a donation to Mac's Fund in honor of their favorite feline friend and tell why this kitty is so special.

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