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Meet Hubert, aka Cole, aka Chloe.  Why so many names?  There is an overwhelming amount of animals surrendered to ACCT on a daily basis, and this poor boy got lost in the sauce.  His paperwork got mixed up with another kitty's, and he was thought to be a behavioral problem.  Luckily someone caught the mixup and set things right.


As all our stories begin, I received a text from a rescue partner asking if Mac's Fund could foster a sweet senior kitty from ACCT.  He had caught a very bad upper respiratory infection due to the stress of being in the shelter, and now was time stamped.  For those of you who don't know what that means, he was scheduled to be put to death...because of a cold.  Hubert's owner had surrendered him because "they didn't have time for him" and because he was sick, "they couldn't bear to watch him die".


Luckily we had the room, and I am a sucker for the orange kitties, so we agreed to take him on as a foster.  By the time Hubert arrived at our house, he was in very bad shape.  Both his eyes were infected and he was so congested, he couldn't breath from his nose.  This had caused him to stop eating.  He was  anemic from the flea bites  and dirty from the  neglect.  

The life saving member from ACCT who dropped him off thanked me for saving him and instructed me to give him his medicine with food.  Have you ever tried to feed a cat who doesn't want to eat?  I had my work cut out for me.   After spending half an hour syringe feeding him, I thought I had enough food in him to give the medicine.  Just as I was about to squirt the medicine in his mouth, he threw up all his food.  He looked at me so very sadly, I just started to cry.  I knew I had to get him proper medical care.


I brought him to a local vet who changed his medicine to something that was easier on his stomach, and slowly he began to turn the corner.  After five days at the vet, he was well enough to come back to us.  

As Hubert recovered, the transformation was remarkable!!!  This lethargic, sad cat turned into a handsome, loving purr monster!  Now I have fostered close to 100 cats in my time, but I have never heard a cat with such a loud and continuous motor.  Steve nicknamed him "the lawn mower".  Want to hear it?  Just watch the video with the volume up...but not too loud, you might get a noise complaint from your neighbors.  

Once Hubert was all better, it was time to find him the perfect family...and that is just what we did.  Angela saw his video and fell in love!  She had never had a cat before but was looking for a companion for their Newfoundland, Kona.  She didn't care that he was 10 years old.  All she cared about was giving a second chance to a very loving kitty who still had plenty of good years in him.

Hubert and his Mom and Dad

Hubert is now living in his new home with his new family and starting the next chapter in his life.  He is finally getting the family he deserves, one that will care for and love him.


All this is made possible because of the generous donations from people like you.  You don't see an old beat up useless cat.  You see the potential for a great companion to bring years of joy.  And I cannot thank you enough for all your support!  

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