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Meet Charlie!  He is Mac's Fund's first official rescued kitty!! This handsome snaggletoothed boy was surrendered to ACCT as a stray.   We will never know for sure, but due to Charlies tipped ear, we assume he had been living in a community cat colony.  His inability to fend for himself left his care giver with the heartbreaking decision to turn him into ACCT and hope he got rescued by someone who had the funds to give him the care he needed before he was time stamped for euthanasia. 

Enters our defender of kitty hard luck cases, board member  Lucy Noland.  He was brought to the vet where he was given a complete exam. Other than him being way too skinny, they were worried about his broken jaw.  After X-rays and a cat scan they deemed it an old injury that didn't cause him any pain, and he could eat just fine!  Charlie was a perfectly healthy, lovable affectionate cat that had been dealt a raw deal.


Charlie spent the next month living in our guest room as we attempted to fatten up this overly affectionate, skinny cat with the permanent snaggletooth.   Charlie was the perfect house guest!  He was friendly to my other cats...even if they weren't friendly back.  He was curious about our Chelsy dog.  He would have been the perfect fit to our house...except we already have 9 cats.  We was falling hard for this boy and that would be bad.  We needed to find him a home soon.

As an answer to our prayers, Katy shows up.  Katy and her husband were looking for a friend for their 4 year old Coonhound Cassidy.  Charlie was a perfect fit for their family.  He now lives in the lap of luxury sleeping his days away.  It breaks our hearts to think that this story could have had a completely different end.

Thanks to contributors to Mac's Fund, we were able to save this kitty from certain death.  To unite him with a loving family and give Cassidy a companion for life.

Charllie and Katie
Charlie and Cassidy
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